Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe

Kahlua, Brizard, Tia Maria, Bahia, Irish Velvet, Illy, Bahia, Sabroso, and any other number of coffee liqueurs are on the market around the world. New ones seem to appear every day. I will leave you to judge each on its own merits; or, how about creating your very own coffee liqueur. It is incredibly easy. Just assemble:


  • 1     cup dark-roast coffee beans, unground
  • 2     cups vodka, whiskey or brandy
  • 1/4  vanilla bean
  • 1     sterilized pint (one-half liter) bottle with cap
  • sugar to taste, if desired


  • Simply combine the coffee beans, vanilla bean and liquor in the bottle.
  • Add quick-dissolving sugar to taste, if desired-but no more than about a third of a cup. You might find that you prefer the taste of unsweetened coffee liqueur, as opposed to most over sweetened commercial liqueurs.
  • Within less than a day you will see the liquor change color as it takes on the essence of the roasted beans. After about a week, begin tasting it to see if it meets your standards of coffee flavor.
  • As soon as you approve, strain the liqueur into a decanter and discard the coffee beans and the vanilla. You can savor your home-made liqueur after dinner, with a hot cup of coffee. Or use it as an amazing topping for ice cream or other desserts.